For Accommodation 3 days cancellation policy applies, in case of refundable rate booking. Please check the confirmation e-mail from your booking site (, etc.) for details. All reservations made on our website are final and non-refundable. No refunds after check-in. Non-refundable rate bookings are subject to 100% penalty in case of cancellation or no-show.

When you submit a reservation you declare that you accept our policies. The full amount can be charged at any time after you make a reservation.

For single day divers and dive students, a deposit of 50% per person minimum is required to secure your reservation.

For multi-day packages, a deposit of 25% or a $100 minimum is required to secure your reservations.

All divers are required to complete an online reservation form found on our website and pay a deposit using the reservation app.

When your reservation form is received, you will be notified via email with a confirmation and an estimate of your total costs to dive with us. Without a deposit, we cannot guarantee your reservation. You can use all major credit cards to make a payment.

For stay and dive packages and/or courses we offer free dorm accommodation in our basic dorms in the value of max. 10 USD per night. In case of a reservation made at a higher rate, or for a higher category dorm or private room, we deduct the promotional value (10 USD per diving day) from the full balance, even if the basic dorm price is actually higher or lower due to seasonal or promotional special pricing.

The “free dorm promotion” means that we deduct the 10 USD promotional value per night from the full price of the dive packages or diving courses. This promotion does not apply in peak season between the 15th of December and 15th of January and during special events such as Carnaval, Ironman, Triathlon World Cup, etc.


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